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Nourishing Beginnings

We are happy to share with you this new free resource about nutrition and young children for Alberta ELCC educators!

The Nourishing Beginnings program has launched module one: Supporting Young Eaters. This is an online nutrition program designed for Alberta ELCC educators with the support of leaders in early childhood and nutrition. The program is free and educators have ongoing access to each module and digital resources after they have completed it. 

Educators who register for the Supporting Young Eaters module have access to:
– the e-learning module with original videos and
– six digital resources (provided at completion of the module)

For more information about the program, see Nourishing Beginnings.  For information on accessing the program, please contact Jaclyn Chute at Jaclyn.Chute@dfc-plc.ca or 780-577-3334. 

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