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Webinar: “What’s Next for Child Care Following the Federal Budget”

Written by Leah Tolman

I just finished listening to a webinar called What’s Next for Child Care Following the Federal Budget which was hosted by Child Care Now, Canadian Child Care Federation, and Child Care Resource & Research Unit. It was very informative and they were able to correct some misinformation that has been widely circulating in news reports and even referenced by provincial governments. Here is the link to the recorded webinar: What’s Next for Child Care Following the Federal Budget

A couple of things they noted:
– When the federal budget says that they hope to get to a 50/50 cost share between the federal and provincial governments, it DOES NOT mean provinces need to spend new money dollar-for-dollar to get the federal investment. Provinces currently cover most of the government costs associated with child care and the intention is that the federal government aims to match provincial spending levels. Again, not a dollar for dollar matching program.
– This new funding ($30 Billion over 5 years) is in addition to the 2017 funding negotiated in bilateral agreements AND in addition to the $420 million announced last fall for workforce development.
– This new funding ($30 Billion over 5 years) is intended for ALL LICENSED AND REGULATED child care, not exclusive to the non-profit sector.

They encouraged people to sign up to mailing lists on their websites to gain access to current information. I’ll put links below.

Child Care Now
Child Care Now on Facebook

Canadian Child Care Federation
Canadian Child Care Federation on Facebook

Child Care Resource and Research Unit
Child Care Resource and Research Unit on Facebook

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News from CAFRA’s Advocacy Committee

Written by Leah Tolman
The advocacy group met at the end of the last membership meeting. We were able to draft a form letter advocating for ECE’s to be prioritized in the vaccine schedule. Please feel free to use it, share it, personalize it, etc. and send it off to the relevant decision makers. We are also sharing a form letter created by another group which advocates for PPE for childcare centres. Again, feel free to use it if it makes sense for you. 

One another note, big news yesterday out of the Federal government! There’s just so much going on in our worlds: creating new Program Plans, the end of the ELCC $25/day program, dealing with COVID-19 and all that comes with it (enrollment, centre closures, staffing issues, vaccines, PPE) the list goes on and on. I hope we can all take a moment to reflect on how momentous this moment is for early learning and childcare (not to mention women and families.) I’ve heard many of your voices and seen many of your faces in the media over the last few weeks, and many others have been advocating behind the scenes. Thank-you to all of you for working so passionately for something so important. 

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Have you checked out Related Resources and Organizations lately? There are some new additions to the list! Click on “Professional Learning,” then “Related Resources and Organizations.”

Check out MacEwan’s BECCS program!

Watch this video to see Rakhi Pancholi, MLA, ask Minister of Children’s Services Rebecca Schulz about support for child care in this 3rd wave.

What’s New?

What’s New?

Hello Everyone,

The CAFRA Leadership Team invites you to review information about the upcoming Systems Leadership Series offered by Organizations by Design. This series will be offered online in nine modules. Sessions will be three hours, bi-weekly from March 9 to June 29  2021. We invite you to review the brochure below and/or visit their website: www.organizationsbydesign.ca for registration, learning objectives and module descriptions.

Here are more details as well: 
In today’s environment of continuous change and complexity, Early Childhood Educators may be searching for ways to build their capacity as systems leaders in their practice, with their teams or within their organizations. We can help!

With over 50 years experience in management and leadership roles in the not-for-profit, government, and for profit sectors, our Organizations by Design Inc. team and affiliates are able to draw upon a wide range of experience and education in leadership and team development, coaching, facilitation, change management, and collaborative initiatives.  

Adine Shuchuk, ED Jasper Place Family Resource Centre had this to say about the Building Collaborative Learning Teams (BCLT) we offered virtually in November 2020:
It was fantastic to be able to put language to some of our practices. There was so much new learning and now I have skills, tools and a framework to build a learning team. We are having learning conversations as staff and with our clients daily’.

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ARCQE 11th National Child Day Conference:
Reimagining Pathways Forward…Supporting Meaningful Participation in Times of Social Distancing

February 9-11, 2021

This year ARCQE’s Conference will be held online. View the conference brochure here. For more information and the link to register, go to: https://arcqe.ca/professional-learnings/conference/. Early bird registration deadline is January 8! (Registration is first come, first serve, so get in early!)

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Nourishing Beginnings

We are happy to share with you this new free resource about nutrition and young children for Alberta ELCC educators!

The Nourishing Beginnings program has launched module one: Supporting Young Eaters. This is an online nutrition program designed for Alberta ELCC educators with the support of leaders in early childhood and nutrition. The program is free and educators have ongoing access to each module and digital resources after they have completed it. 

Educators who register for the Supporting Young Eaters module have access to:
– the e-learning module with original videos and
– six digital resources (provided at completion of the module)

For more information about the program, see Nourishing Beginnings.  For information on accessing the program, please contact Jaclyn Chute at Jaclyn.Chute@dfc-plc.ca or 780-577-3334. 

What’s New?

CAFRA members are invited to attend the Association of Early Childhood Educator’s of Alberta’s AECEA Connect session on December 10, 2020 from 7:00-8:00 PM! 

In this session, we will be joined by Jane Beach to speak on her report written for the Edmonton Council for Early Learning and Care and the Muttart Foundation, An Examination of Regulatory and Other Measures to Support Quality Early Learning and Care in Alberta. To view the report, go here.

Jane is an early learning and child care research and policy consultant, based in Victoria BC. Over the past 25 years, Jane has developed child care expansion plans, conducted numerous child care studies, and authored many research and policy reports for government, universities, non-profit organizations and labour groups.

Register Here

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Be sure to like and follow CAFRA’s Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/CAFRA-Child-Care-Association-for-Resources-to-Administrators-106093627478266

Applications are now open for the ECDV 0100 – Exploring Early Childhood Curriculum: Play, Participation and Possibilities Winter 2021 course offering.  This free online course is for educators wanting to learn how to use Flight: Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Framework to guide their daily practices.  For more information, please see the attached Winter 2021 Course Information PDF and Powerpoint presentation with answers to FAQs.  

The first step in the application process is for educators to submit an online Expression of Interest form. The Expression of Interest form can be found through the following link and it is also embedded in the Winter 2021 Course Information PDF that is attached to this email. The form will provide an opportunity to indicate your preference for English or French instruction and course materials, and for the OSC focused course offering.  Link: https://forms.gle/yVf5Y7nzQHt1XDdA7

As a government-funded project, only educators from licensed and approved programs will be considered for a space in the course.  Due to limited spaces in the course, the offer to register will be decided on the basis of balancing regional representation across Alberta, as well as program type.

The Expression of Interest form link will be open until Monday, November 2, 2020 until 6 P.M.  Submit today!  

For more information regarding Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Framework:  https://flightframework.ca/ 

For more course information contact: pppinfo@macewan.ca

What’s New?

Free On-line Course: Applications are now open for ECDV 0100 – Exploring Early Childhood Curriculum: Play, Participation and Possibilities 


Applications are now open for the ECDV 0100 – Exploring Early Childhood Curriculum: Play, Participation and Possibilities fall 2020 course offering at MacEwan University. This free online course is for educators wanting to learn how to use Flight: Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Framework to guide their daily practices. This course is intended for educators working in licensed and approved programs in Alberta. 

The online application form can be found through the following link. https://forms.gle/U7XYwbo5Z9UMRbGf7

The application link will be open until Friday, July 31st.  Apply today! This message has been shared with several early learning and child care networks across Alberta. 

For further information, please contact pppinfo@macewan.ca.