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CAFRA is an association for Early Learning and Child Care Administrators who foster bold leadership and advocate for environments that support the well-being of children and families. By becoming a member, administrators will have access to professional development, leadership resources, and networking. Additionally, CAFRA provides opportunities for those in administrative roles to stay informed on political climates, emerging trends, and research impacting the Early Learning and Child Care sector.

Why should you join or your organization support CAFRA?

CAFRA has two types of membership: Professional and Associate.

  • A Professional Member is an individual who
    • holds a leadership position in an Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) setting, or 
    • aspires to hold a leadership position in an ELCC setting, or
    • has previous experience in an ELCC setting, or 
    • aligns with the values of the Society.
  • An Associate Member is an agency or group that supports CAFRA’s goals.

Membership Term: January 1 – December 31

Listed below are the benefits and cost of each membership type.

($300 January – December)
– May be elected or appointed to the board of directors
– May hold committee positions
– May vote on issues at general meetings
– Access Society resources, events, and professional development free or at reduced rates
– May bring a guest to meetings of the Society or events when space allows at a cost recovery to a maximum of 3 times per year
– May request their agency be named as a Supporter of the Society [“Supporting Agency”] on the Society’s website
– Receive notice of meetings and attend meetings of the Society

($150 January – December)
– May attend general meetings of the Society, but may not vote.

Payment Information

New member? Please complete the online registration form. You will then receive an invoice with payment instructions.

Already a member? You will receive an invoice when it is time to renew your membership. If you have not received an invoice and want to renew, please contact Vicki at

*CAFRA meetings are held twice a year: the AGM in March and a General Meeting in September or October. Social and professional development events are held throughout the year.*

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