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CAFRA is an association for Early Learning and Child Care Administrators who foster bold leadership and advocate for environments that support the well-being of children and families. By becoming a member, administrators will have access to professional development, leadership resources, and networking. Additionally, CAFRA provides opportunities for those in administrative roles to stay informed on political climates, emerging trends, and research impacting the Early Learning and Child Care sector.

Why Invest in Leadership
An investment in administrative leadership is an investment in your Early Learning Community. According to the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta (AECEA), one area of building a high-quality early learning and childcare system is well-functioning teams and early learning workplaces. To create a positive and engaged early learning workplace, those in administrative roles must have access to resources and professional development opportunities to help them adequately navigate the complexities of leading a team, specifically an early learning team.

Administrators who can enhance their leadership skills will be better able to ensure their Early Learning Community’s culture stays on track, and by improving your culture, you can both attract and retain educators in your program. Research indicates, organizations with strong, effective leadership outperform organizations that don’t and who wouldn’t want to work for a thriving organization under exceptional direction? Having the ability to attract and retain your educating team will directly contribute to the wellbeing of children and families. CAFRA is committed to supporting those in administrative roles to develop their skills, and in return, enhance their program.

Why Connection Matters
Connecting to a professional community will help administrators keep a pulse of what is happening in the industry. Those who hold a CAFRA membership will have opportunities for on-going discussion regarding the successes, challenges, and issues administrators face in early childhood settings. Sharing experiences and information with those facing similar situations is invaluable.

Operating in isolation can be a source of frustration, loneliness and increased challenges. CAFRA provides an avenue for administrators to combine collective knowledge, research, and up-to-date information for the betterment of early learning programs. Thus, lifting the weight of problem-solving and research in isolation. We are better together, and we are excited about your interest in CAFRA.

Membership Term: January 2021 – December 2021

Membership Fees

  • Professional Membership: An individual who holds a leadership position in an ELCC setting
    • Benefits
      • Eligible to hold a board and/or committee position
      • Eligible to vote
      • Access Society resources, events, and professional development free or at reduced rates
      • May bring a guest to meetings of the Society or events when space allows at a cost recovery to a maximum of 3 times per year
      • May request their agency be named as a Supporter of the Society [“Supporting Agency”] on the Society’s website
      • Receive notice of meetings and attend meetings of the Society
      • Discounted fees for CAFRA events
      • Priority registration for CAFRA events
      • Access to CAFRA Survey Data
    • Cost: $300 per year; pro-rata rates for mid-year membership
  • Individual Membership: An individual who aspires to hold a leadership position in an ELCC setting, OR An individual who has previous experience in an ELCC setting OR An individual who aligns with the values of CAFRA
    • Benefits
      • Eligible to hold a committee position
      • Access to CAFRA events for a fee.
      • Receive notice of and attend meetings of the society
      • May bring a Guest to CAFRA events if space is available and for a fee to a maximum of 3 times per year.
    • Cost: $150 per year; pro-rata rates for mid-year membership

*Please make cheques out to: CAFRA.
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*CAFRA meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month at 9:00am

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