CAFRA AGM to Be Held March 16, 2023

Please note that CAFRA’s AGM will be held on Thursday, March 16, from 9am – 11am on Zoom. Members will receive the link in their e-mail.

There are several openings on the CAFRA Board of Directors that need filling! Currently, the board meets 1 hour per month on Tuesdays from 10am-11am. Directors may also be asked to take on additional responsibilities, such as serve on the Executive Committee or do other committee work outside that hour. If you are a CAFRA Professional Members and would like to serve on the board or would like to know more, send an email expressing your interest to Vicki at Nominees are also asked to write a short bio to share with members (See current directors’ bios on our website as a guide.) Deadline to submit your letter of interest and bio is March 8. 

An election will be held at the AGM on March 16 and each Professional Member may vote. 

In addition to CAFRA AGM business, Colette Poitras will speak on land acknowledgements. How do you generate a land acknowledgement that is heartfelt and meaningful? The CAFRA Board wishes to generate a land acknowledgement for CAFRA.  All CAFRA members are leaders in their organizations, so they will be able to take information away that can be adopted into their organizations as well.

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